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3 min readFeb 1, 2023


Bridging the Cultural Divide- Black History Month 2023

A Support System for Black Immigrant Families.

Inspired from the book — Two Worlds at War, by George M Dmin Portuphy, Cynthia Adom-Portuphy PhD

Vancouver, BC — To observe February 2023 Black History Month, HeadHeartHand Foundation (3H Foundation) is organizing an interactive session on “Bridging the Cultural Divide”, to provide awareness and resolution to parenting social issues attributable to culture, generational and language gaps between parents and children (teenagers/youths/young adults). This program is sponsored by the Prospera Foundation, one of the largest credit union foundations in Canada.

We are excited to announce our exciting panelists and moderator for this event. Dr. Cynthia Adom-Portuphy, Mr. Franklin Bouguep, Mrs. Bukkie Adewuyi and Pastor. Theo Bessem.

Dr. Adom-Portuphy has 25 years’ experience in youth ministry, dealing with Black immigrant parents and multi-cultural couples. She is the founder and executive director of Bridging Worlds (BW) which provides cultural education and counseling services to Black/ Afro-Caribbean immigrant communities. Dr. Adom-Portuphy who is a sought after conference speaker is the co-author of a ground breaking book: Two Worlds at War: Finding Common Cultural Grounds for African Immigrant Parents and their Children.

Mr. Franklin Bouguep is a board member and senior executive with extensive experience in Governance, Strategic Management, Operational Excellence, Stakeholder Engagement and Supply Chain Management and has held senior positions in large organizations for the last 20+ years across industries in Canada, Europe, United States and Africa. He is the Executive Director & Founder, Black Buildup Organization, dedicated to transforming the lives of black Canadians and immigrants.

Mrs. Bukkie Adewuyi is the VP of Finance and Business Intelligence at Prospera Credit Union. She is part of the Prospera Leadership team where she is deploying her collaboration and multi-disciplinary skills to work with her peers in achieving the strategic and operational goals of the organization. She is currently a board member and treasurer for Impact Toolbox, an NGO in Canada and a participant in the Dress for Success program with the Professional Women’s Group (PWG) in Vancouver. She is passionate about community impact and currently achieves this by volunteering on various programs.

Pastor. Theo Bessem is the Founder/Director at Prayze Foundation. In a society where relationships are falling apart at record breaking rates, Pastor Theo Beseem is committed to calling God’s people to experience the best in all levels of relationships. Pastor Theo has been married for almost 30 years and has experienced a lot… children, grandchildren, loss, successes, heartache, joys, setbacks, and much more. As a speaker, her vulnerability and honesty will have you laughing one minute and sobbing the next as she walks you through the God-given principles for successful relationships.

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